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The 8026 CTS mini excavator is JCB’s brand new conventional tail-swing machine in the current 2.5-3.5 tonne class. This first-ever conventional tail-swing machine has a transport weight of 2.7tonnes, making it one of the largest excavators you can tow behind a 3.5 tonne vehicle. It’s 8025 but with upgraded features. This mini digger’s power is provided by the new Perkins 400 series Tier IIIa, a transverse 18.4 kW motor that delivers 96kN of torque at 1800 RPM. A tail-swing of 470mm more than the 8025 ZTS is combined with a very low centre of gravity, thus providing a 19% greater lift capacity than the market leader. At the 8026 CTS compact excavator’s dig end, our box-fabricated boom and dipper is capable of 2.74m dig depth, 4.77m reach and 3.22m dump height. Its excellent bucket rotation and class-leading tear-out forces result into unbelievable productivity. This machine is very versatile.

You can easily attach hammers, compactor plates and more with great ease. Its brand new undercarriage uses 3 bottom rollers, 1 top roller, heavy duty track idler guides and grease tensioners. This is just the beginning. The JCB 8026 CTS mini excavator is capable enough to amaze you.


18.4 kW Perkins engine provides 8% more efficiency than the 8025
19% greater lift capacity than the market leader
11% faster tracking speed than the 8025
Brand new undercarriage
Box-fabricated boom and dipper
New EV31 hydraulic block

Just like our 8025, the new JCB 8026 CTS mini excavator is designed to meet customer demands for unrivalled service access and long 500-hour service intervals. Externally, there’s now a robust black cast counterweight to protect the rear and we’ve lowered the turret height by 35mm for added stability. We’ve also improved the tracks on the 8026 CTS JCB mini digger. 250mm Bridgestone short pitch tracks reduce noise and vibration, and are highly durable. Single side grease points on the excavator arm pivot pins simplify greasing. Then there’s excellent access to the hydraulic valve block under the side-opening bonnet, plus we’ve used the latest O-ring face seals throughout this compact excavator’s hydraulic system for durability. The two gas assisted gull wing bonnets give excellent engine access.

The JCB mini excavator range is designed with productivity to the fore. On the 8026 CTS, there are Nachi auto kickdown motors for smoother operation when spin turning and dozing. Tracking speed and single speed tractive effort are therefore class-leading, at 5 kph (11% improved over the 8025) and 25.02 kN respectively. For lifting power to match, we’ve fitted a Maxi-lift dozer ram to this JCB mini digger. You can actually lift the front of the machine on the dozer even at engine tickover, at maximum reach with a 770kg load. This is unique to our machine. The 8026 CTS compact excavator also features our new EV31 hydraulic valve block, which gives 4 major benefits. Longer spools mean smoother controllability; load hold capability is increased; multifunctioning can be carried out while straight line tracking; and there’s full control isolation over all hydraulic services. To save fuel, the 8026 CTS uses a lower power version of the 8025’s engine (torque is equal) but, because of our other innovations, productivity is still class-leading. That represents a 8% efficiency gain.

Unusually for a mini excavator, there’s plenty of room in the 8026 CTS’ cab. Access is easy via a wide door, and the door itself latches back within the tailswing so you can work with it open. To make access to this JCB mini digger even easier, the left control pod hinges up and there’s no left foot pedal to get in the way. There’s more leg room, a further 50mm of seat adjustment and improved cab stowage over the 8025. Not only that but new rubber cab mounts reduce vibration, and internal noise is just 77 dBa. The seating position is fully adjustable for maximum comfort and there’s an efficient heating system. You can effortlessly store the gas-strut-assisted upper front screen overhead, and the lower front screen can also be removed. Plus, the whole cab structure is isolated from the slew frame for minimum vibration. In all, the JCB 8026 CTS compact excavator is a comfortable favourite.

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