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Free Inspection Campaign

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The campaign was launch in the first quarter of 2017, the aim was to approach customers in the filed using our highly trained technicians and fully equipped service vans, and giving the machine full diagnosis and providing the customer with a detailed report about the machine. More than 1000 inspections were made during 2017.

Customer Training Sesstions

Current JCB Offer Saudi Arabia

To better benefit our customers and to increase the machine productivity, we offer our customers complimentary training sessions for their operators and technicians, during the year of 2017, 13 training sessions have been held both in our training room and the customers site.

Machine Demonstration

Current JCB Offer Saudi Arabia

There is nothing like trying the machine for your self and seeing the accomplishment with your own eyes to really believe and judge the product, that is why we send our machines to the customers site and let the them use it, to really get a feel for it and be convinced with our machines superb quality and outstanding performance, 12 machine demonstrations have been made across the kingdom with various JCB machines during 2017.

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